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About B honey

B honey is 100% pure Australian honey – it’s sourced directly from Aussie beehives and then packed for you! B honey is committed to supporting the Australian honey industry.

Yes, B honey is 100% pure Australian honey, with no added ingredients.
We only source our honey from Aussie beehives across Australia to guarantee you a great-tasting, quality honey.

B honey is made from 100% pure Australian honey, sourced directly from Aussie beehives.

B honey does not use imported honey – we are committed to supplying our customers with 100% pure Australian, quality honey.

The B honey pack is purple as an homage to bees, who love the colour purple! Not only do bees see the colour purple clearer than any other colour, they also see a specific purple colour which is known as ‘bees purple’. Bees purple isn’t visible to the human eye – it’s a combination of yellow and ultraviolet light!

We are now available in Coles supermarkets, nationally.

Crystallisation is a completely natural characteristic of honey – it’s perfectly safe and normal. To make your honey runny again, simply place your B honey product in a bowl of warm water, which will melt the crystals.

About Purple Hive Project

B honey is committed to the local honey industry and is launching the Purple Hive Project to support the honey bees (Apis mellifera) – who are under significant threat of the Varroa Destructor (Varroa mite) arriving in Australia – as the Varroa mite cripples bee colonies around the world.

The “Purple Hive” is a solar-powered artificial intelligence-based device, trained to detect the Varroa Destructor (Varroa mite) in real-time. The intention is that the Purple Hive will help prevent the spread of Varroa mite if the Varroa mite were to make its way into Australia.
The Purple Hive is currently under development and will use an algorithm to scan each individual honey bee entering the Purple Hive, to determine if Varroa mite is present.

The Varroa Destructor (Varroa mite) is a tiny mite that attaches itself to honey bees and honey bee brood, to the detriment of the honey bee and the honey bee colony. The Varroa mite is also known to transmit viruses amongst honey bees.

We really are the lucky country –Australia is the only inhabited continent in the world that hasn’t been impacted by the Varroa Destructor (Varroa mite), which has impacted some of our closest neighbours, including New Zealand.

Experts predict that it’s only a matter of time before the Varroa mite establishes itself in Australia.

Our long-term vision is that the Purple Hive Project will create a network of hives located across Australia, in high-risk locations, to support the entire Australian honey industry. We are currently discussing the future home of our very first ‘Purple Hive’ and look forward to updating you soon! The best way to stay in touch with us is to connect via Facebook or Instagram – if you’re already connected, thanks for your support! You can also join our mailing list here.

Getting Involved

Thank you for your interest in the Purple Hive Project! Please email us at info@purplehiveproject.com.au.